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Image Intensified L5A1 Night Sight Periscope

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Hey guys, i have a Image Intensified L5A1 Passive Night vision periscope for my driver in my CVRT Spartan and it has been working fine for quite some time and now all of a sudden its as if its lost its power and its night vision capabilities, i can still see in brighter conditions out of it but it definitely is not fit for night seeing anymore. This hasnt been a progressive development either, it was fine one day and instantly jumped to this condition the next. Long story short, does anyone have experience with these or have anything along the lines of manuals or illustrations or maintenance instructions i can use to help me figure out whats going on with it. I've looked around and i cant find anything at all about these things. Any help would be greatly appreciated and im looking forward to getting it back to full functionality one way or the other.

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I have collected british night vision scopes from rank pullin for several years and even repaired one from completely destroyed back to fully working with pretty much everything replaced, so got my little share of experience.

Sold everything to fund me my own Spartan, so am on the lookout for one of these sights too of course.

It seems pretty much your intensifier tube died. Either because of slow sunlight exposure while still turned on or other unnoticed unwanted light exposure of the tube.
Thats atleast how most of the old gen1 cascade tubes died. You should be able to get it running again replacing the tube with a "new" one. They are still available here and there, because they became popular for diy home build night vision devices.

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On 12/6/2021 at 2:03 PM, RRb Machining said:

Did you ever find any information on these, I have just acquired 4 of them complete along with some spare parts

I unfortunately have not besides just small illustrations explaing how to use them. nothing along the lines of Work Shop manuals or anything actually useful. The search continues

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