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Wanted - 1950s canvas backed vinyl (awning material)

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Hi all,

Im looking to buy some 1950s type Vinyl? Material to replace my awning attachment skirts on the truck.

I did one side in canvas and it weakened and tore At the ends within a year as it is outside constantly.

I have a Couple of photos to explain the type I’m looking for.

The two sides need to be 12 ft by 1 ft.
The awnings themselves are of the same material.

Many thanks, Neil.





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What type of canvas were you using?  Was it new or old stock?   I've had problems making canvas covers for generators, modern canvas just not as good as canvas from 50 years ago.  Have had the same problems making seat covers for my MVs until I went over to using Dupont Cordura fabric which seems to have much better wear and sun rot characteristics.   I made a penthouse cover like you show which has stood up well but my.truck is garaged and I remove the penthouse fly when not in use.

Wonder how boat canvas would work?

Will be interested to hear what you find.

Cheers Phil 



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Hi April,

Thanks for your reply and informationAnd I’m glad I’m not the only one.

It was made by John and Mary Worthing.

It has torn Where the water runs Off at the edges.

The originals seemed to be some kind of thick vinyl and I didn’t want to use modern (1980s/ 1990s) stuff as it’s completely rubberised and too light in colour.
I need it to stay on the vehicle as it’s going to be repainted and the paint makes the final seal on the beading that fixes the flaps to the body.

I don’t mind replacing them every few years but wanted something that at least lasts a year.


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