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johann morris

Another reistration saga and a warning

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I have been posting my saga as part of another thread but I thought that this should maybe seen as a warning to anyone who has or is registering a vehicle.

7th August 2019.

Well, having received the registration document about 2 weeks ago I have now received a letter informing me that they have authorised my application and that  I should receive the registration document within 4 weeks, the registration number that I have been allocated is LXS403, and there is also the receipt for road tax, which of course is £0 but for LXS403 . Also enclosed is the official number plate authorisation cert for...……. wait for it...……….registration number LXZ403, of course you would think that that would have been a bad enough mistake for the DVLA to make but the V5C registration document that they have already sent me 2 weeks previously has yet another, different, registration number on it. I have checked and the registration number that is stated on the V5 has road tax and the chassis number stated on the V5 is correct for my vehicle but the authorisation letter also contains my chassis number for the other 2 registration numbers. Confused, me to.


8th August 2019

Today I rang the DVLA regarding the above, after a quite lengthy conversation I was informed that the number on the registration document LX 5403 was 100% correct, I then asked for a new payment receipt, as the one I had been sent showed LXS 403. The lady then put me on hold for some time and when she came back, she informed me that the registration document that I had been sent was in fact incorrect and the registration should have been LXS 403 and that a new correct document would be sent to me along with a new receipt and number plate authorisation. I have had to ring the insurers and change the registration with them but I think that in retrospect I have been lucky. Apparently this is now a common occurrence and for one person it ended badly. The person had registered a historic vehicle with the DVLA, he was sent a registration document and insured the vehicle using the registration number shown. He then had an accident and only when he came to claim was it discovered that the number that was on the V5 was incorrect, the insurer refused to pay out.

I hope that my muddle is now sorted out but we will have to wait and see.



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On the 8th August the DVLA very kindly emailed me the registration plate authorisation certificate for LXS 403 which of course is no good as the original is water marked and that doesn't show up on an email.


Today I received the updated registration document with the correct registration number on it but the incorrect details contained in the original document haven't been corrected as promised. I have just come off of the phone from them again and they are now going to start an investigation and they will advise me if the registration number that is shown on the registration document is correct and why the other information contained in the document was entered incorrectly and the they will send me a new registration document...……..AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

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