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Fordson standard tractor

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Hi, ive just joined and ive recently acquired a Fordson Standard Tractor that we think may have been used for bomb towing during WW2 at the Burtonwood base but we do not know for sure . I am looking for anyone who may know anything about this tractor or how to find information about it say from the serial number if from that it tells if you if a vehicle was in the Army.

The registration number is : 1383 ED

The tractor also has a handbrake and brakedrums which is uncommon for a Fordson Standard to have.

If anyone has any information please comment below.

Thank you , Rebecca!

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Pictures please.

See "Fordson Model N 1929-45" and "Fordson Model N Miscellany 1929-45"  By Allan T Condie publications

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Fordson N Serial Numbers:
Location: Below the cylinder head on the right side of the engine.

1929: 747682
1930: 757369
1931: 772565
1932: 776066
1933: 779154
1934: 781967
1935: 785548
1936: 794703
1937: 807581
1938: 826779
1939: 837826
1940: 854238
1941: 874914
1942: 897624
1943: 925274
1944: 957574
1945: 975419

Information from here:-


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