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  1. Some pictures of the Wilson gearbox being reassembled. Slowly coming together again.
  2. CaptMax

    2 man bivy tent

    Message sent
  3. I did locate two but an extra would be nice. I have some parts to trade I know you could use, otherwise I will be listing them on eBay soon.
  4. CaptMax

    bren +tripod

    I suggest you buy what you can while you can. Better yet buy two. These are getting hard to find as early demills, this one is slated to be made into a functional semiautomatic in the near future. Sorry it is not for sale, I still regret selling my other one.
  5. ruxy, that is a wealth of information alone. At least I now know what to look for. We have PROTO here in the states but not many BAHCO. I’ll have to come to the UK and find some boot sales or nick a few from someone. 😆 LOL. Loved your story, it’s the history of these things that I enjoy most. Thanks for sharing it mate.
  6. Yes Robin, I still need one. Do you have any for sale? I could still use an extra brow pad or two as well.
  7. Thanks for that info ruxy, I will keep my eyes open for the correct replacement. It is what came with the majority of the CES tools when I received them. Would you happen to have a picture of the type your speaking of? CaptMax
  8. I will try and update this thread a bit more frequently than I have been. Hope to be installing the petrol tank and power pack very soon! CaptMax
  9. Thank you Ex-boy. I really had no options but to do it myself, along with a friends help. Seems there not many (if any) places qualified or familiar with the Wilson transmission here in the states. Luckily there is the internet and with enough research I do believe anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Every now and then it helps to have a person whom looks at things differently (out of the box per say) and ask for their input. I couldn’t have done this restoration without some friends and the internet or it would have never been completed. Even with help it has been a bigger project than I ever imagined. Having people like you encourage me is also an inspiration as well. Thank you!
  10. I found a small bit of galling on the bearing, this is likely what was holding it on so tight. I polished the bearing with a bit of fine emory cloth and it slipped right on with no slop.
  11. I got it with a bit of finesse and persuasion.
  12. Completed my CES kit as well, this took years to assemble and locate everything.
  13. I have not been updating this thread as I intended to but it is still progressing. I’ve gotten a lot done since I last posted. Here are some current pictures. I have bought new tires, installed the dash instruments and wiring, rebuilt the brakes with alll new parts, painted the hull and stowage bins after repairs, and am currently reassembling the transmission after replacing the band material. There is no part on this Ferret that has not been removed, restored, and gone through to verify its condition CaptMax