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  1. This is an active, functional gun so removing the feed ramp wasn't an option. I will put some video of it firing on YouTube and share a link. I am checking on clearances for a Gatling gun crank.
  2. I had to make some clearance cuts in my mount for the Browning 1919A4 in 308 caliber. I believe that the clearance issue comes from the fact that the original was in 30.06 and the 308 used a feed pawl on the left side that aligns the round with the bolt. The mount works great now, The remote trigger is really cool. After fitting it in the turret I am going to remove it and refinish the mount.
  3. I recently purchased a Ferret Scout car. I am enjoying it, learning as I go. I am pleased with the vehicle, seems to be heavy duty and wall maintained. I wanted something that had armor on it, and having a turret is like icing on the cake. I just got through building a semi-auto browning 1919 a4, I mean if you have a gun mount you need the gun that goes in it. Has anyone had any experience with fitting the 1919 in the cradle? I am have an interference with the rear feed guide hitting the cradle and not letting it go all the way down. It is probably because I built it for 308 and will have to clearance cut the mount a little.
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