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  1. Hi Robin, Fortunately I have never encountered this problem. As the originals were welded, wouldn't grinding down the old weld flush and welding on a piece of appropriately sized rod bent to shape work? Robin
  2. Hi Clive, Yes, you are entirely correct; a much more complete explanation. I was trying for the much shorter version. Robin
  3. Hi CivPop, Though not a 'technical' response, and I welcome any corrections. I never was a vehicle tech and I am working from 20+ year old memories of vehicular radio installations. I believe that the Earth would go to shielding to suppress ignition noise. From a quick google, I did not see any advertised penthousewiring that seemed to be shielded; however it the same lamps were used inside CP vehicles, they would have had shielded cables. You can probably connect C to vehicle ground; it will likely carry the ground between daisy chained lamp units.. You could solder a short (1
  4. Hi Gents, I came across this older post that seems to answer the pin wiring information http://hmvf.co.uk/topic/28153-which-cables-are-used-to-power-a-penthouse-lamp/ The pin information was from EMER WORKSHOPS F100 Chapter 105 which gives the conventions relating 3-pin 24v connections. It appears that the pin opposite the keyway is +ve Pin B, Pin A -ve, Pin C earth. I hope this helps with the wiring at least. Best, Robin
  5. Hi Ozitim, Thanks for checking your supply. Robin
  6. Hi Ozitim, Sorry about that, here is a picture of what I am looking for; in the parts manual is identified as; LV9AEC/FV9814 Eye, lifting it is item 31 on sheet J1. Robin
  7. Hello Fellow vehicle restorers, Though not a major item, I am trying to track down a pair of lift rings for my Daimler Ferret. I have perused the online suppliers without luck, I an reaching out to the community to see if anyone has a spare pair,, or perhaps knows of a suitable replacement and supplier. Thanks for any assistance and information. Robin
  8. I think that REME Depot in Texas has started, or is investigating, manufacturing wheel hub seal kits for the Ferret. As I recollect they were looking at a single kit containing the inner and outer hub seals for a single wheel station. REME Depot's website is at: http://www.remedepot.com/index.php. Though they do not show parts on their parts page, you can reach out to them by email at Skip@REMEDepot.com, or by phone at 713-540-6220, and they should be able to confirm if they are making hub seal kits.
  9. Hi All, I am going to be in the same hunt for the gasket around the rim for my Ferret battery boxes. One is not too bad; the other is totally perished. I was thinking of using some casting silicone and forming a gasket in place. I was also perusing my local auto supply place for likely candidates for rubber plugs. I thing the ones in the lids are ok; however I need the one to let the cables pass through the lower battery box sides. I will let you know what I find.
  10. I am trying to remove the rear vision flaps on my 1954 Daimler Ferret Mk1, so I can get into the nooks and crannies and clean and paint the inside.I have three of the four pins out; however I am having trouble freeing up the upper outside pin. I have tried WD-40, and tapping it with a hammer; however, it doe not seem to want to budge.I want to see if anyone happens to know a trick to removing this that I may not know about before I try the rougher methods of; heat the hinge with a torch, or grinding the ends off and driving it out. I would rather not have to track down, or make, a replacement.
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