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  1. Silly question are you using the right oil. Has to be only mineral. I use the green bottle mineral brake oil from halfords. Otherwise your seals can deteriate. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  2. Would be interested if anyone finds one. I could do with a spare for mine. Thanks,
  3. I was told it needed a lot of work doing to it as well.
  4. Hi, I have fixed the problem. It was a earthing fault. New Earthing strap and I am charging at 28volts again. Thanks for all the help.
  5. Hi, Do you have any info/manuels on the 24v 90amp Alternator, I have looked at the charged up docs etc I cannot see it. Thanks,
  6. Hi, Yes I have check the fuse. Looks Ok. Is there anyway I can check whats coming out of the Alternator? Also Does anyone know where the relays are for the 24volt dashboard light. Many Thanks,
  7. Hi,I am having problems with my 24v 90 Amp Alternator fitted to my Land Rover 110 FFR. It is the one that has B1, W/L and B2 terminals on the back of it. It used to charge the rear batteries ok. Now it doesn't. Does anyone have a way to test the Alternator to see if it is working ok.Thanks,
  8. Hi, I would also say owning a big tank is very nice, but moving it about is where a lot of the cost comes, especially when it is over 40 tonnes. A full set of manuals and lots of spares are also needed. It was a shame that AVRE went for scrap, it looked like a nice tank.
  9. 0644hunt

    11 ba 46

    Hi, She'll run. (well she did 10 years ago..lol) I had a little trick on cents, of taking the mags off, cleaning the points etc and running them on a fast drill. To get a good spark back on them. Found this fixes most cent starting issues. Also check the mags are not earthing out (can just remove the earth cable from them). The diaphragms on the main engine pumps usually degrade as well. You can check by the manual primer on them. Don't mean to butt in, just my 2 pennies worth.
  10. Hi, If I remember right a 432 Mk2 was a converted Mk1, a Mk2/1 was built as a mark 2.
  11. 0644hunt

    11 ba 46

    I think I was the last person to get that Cent running, about 10 years ago. The Gene certainly charged then. But was told off for wasting fuel and to leave it to rot. Shame.:cry:. Glad someone is getting it running again. Cent AVRE's are nice.
  12. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone knew, if a Sankey/Land Rover Wide track trailer was for sale anywhere at the W&P show. Really want a MK2 or Mk3 trailer I am coming down Tomorrow. Many thanks.
  13. These are nearly new Generator trailers, they arrived at withams with generators on and they are taking them off. If you look at the pics you can see the mount marks.
  14. Hi, I used to volunteer at Duxford. The Stuart Gun tractor is a good runner. The Cent Arv I did get running, will need a lot of attention been left outside too long. The Conq Arv I have seen running, it was a beast. It pushed a Cent Arv on tick over. The 2S1 was a good runner, nice to drive, needed the odd hose fixing that was about it. The Zil truck was bought to wet down the running area on show days, guess they don’t need it anymore. The Cent MK3 has always been kept inside, never seen it run, but it looks very complete.
  15. Hi, you need to start by looking at the other side to the wheel station you are trying to remove. From memory ... remove the 2 caps top and bottom and remove the pins. I think it should then slide out. Just hope it is not snapped in half as you have to then get the remaining bit out. Use a scafaulding pole for this to jam onto the broken bit.
  16. Hi, Sorry to see such a nice machine having so much damage. I have changed a couple of these cluches before in cents, big heavy things. I think everyone is right, with a crack due to heat, in the outer housing.
  17. The pic i think is from the mid 70's, It's a Mk2/1 432 with what looks like larkspur radio's. I think it should be able to make that ditch. Done some stuff like that. Just don't bottom the middle out. :-)
  18. This stormer was a nice example (Had a quick look when I was up there) , a Command version. More room inside etc. The track is right for a Stormer.
  19. I was in the TA using Euromux, and called up for full service over about 3 years, total. Using Clansman, and the beginning of bowman. i have however used and fitted larkspur into Centurions.
  20. Hi Big Ray, Working for private people and Duxford IWM. Magnetos are funny things.
  21. Hello all, my name is Richard, I am an ex Signaller. worked mainly with Bedford's Mj's, DAf's, Land Rovers and 432's in service. Involved in Ex military vehicles for over 10 years. Working on all sorts of vehicles. Mainly British tracked. 432's, CVRT, Centurion, Chieftain and many others. I'm looking forward to being part of this forum.
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