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  1. The ferret shoukd have a Hull number stamped on a tag welded behind the data plate , some models had this plate welded on hull next to forward & rev lever the last 3 digets of the hull number are in my case 10 66 = October 1966 the contract number on the plate relates to last contract of less than 10 vehicles just happen to live in hastings lol i wonder if anyone else has a vehicle made in the last 10 but of course hulls may have been swapped about lee used to have the the oldest Mrk ferret that had a Brass service plate but not sure of its numbers
  2. Ah dave bad or good move before you no you will have one each \!!!!!
  3. Can anyone just walk on and help themselves !!! dont quite undersntad is it finders keepers anyone got a spare JCB
  4. In kent they now inspect all vehicles before issuing a V5 so if you have a chassiss number engine number make sure its on all the paperwork before you send it off the MVT will send a trusted member to look before they will give you a letter Imps are less fussy but will require photo everdence of vehicle chassis numbers As was said in an earleir reply dont tell them you imported it !!! if you do they will send you another form from HM customs to fill in then you will pay tax and VAT best say it was found in a barn
  5. Les thacker lives in Gatwick and owns a ferret and dingo dont have his contact details but perhaps someone does , he is helpfull guy but not sure ive seen him on this forum
  6. I have just bought a WW2 10cwt trailor from yorkshire 2 miles off A1 need it collected and deliverd to kent /sussex area no hurry happy to pay fair price any ideas
  7. I guess you have one again !!!!1 lol
  8. Give terry brooks a ring at Manstion kent details on milweb he does one to one training in the morning and test in afternoon and you can take it in a CVRT scopion but be prepaired to drive on the road do a 3 point turn , Emg stop , and park on side of road " all done on public roads no drive round a field test !
  9. Its no good guessing RF will im sure win the prize again lol:yay:
  10. Jack as a recent member i am not aware of anything that has been said or gone on, i was just asking someone who was kind and helpfull to my son and i a few years ago at a rally, it was pointed out to me at headcorn who john was my post was just asking had anyone seen him i wish no offence i looked up in the members list and he is still a member!
  11. "got it" is it for birds to peach on , or a trap to get your dinner
  12. Ashord is not far from hastings could it be to stop arrows !!:coffee: dont forget your hard hat richard
  13. i fogot to say i got all the vartations i wanted but prefer to do all my shooting now in the land of the free !!!! only thing i cant have in the USA is a bren gun only 2 states will aprove in full auto but im working on it
  14. i fully agree with you the guy has gone as i have been informed thank god mind you he passed for me to keep 15 lbs of black powder can they make all East Sussex part of kent please !!!!!!!
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