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  1. Wow nice i need to repaint the 1:1 scale model but i will draw the line at replacing the screens round the hatch lol. is there any chance the model will be at telford?
  2. Great Video Colin and i was dreading just taking the velcro off mine let alone doing the chassis.
  3. Also cheers for the pic of my piglet. i dont get many pics of it moving
  4. LOL hate to think how much it would have cost in fuel if it had been at full weight to get it to malpas. £700 in fuel was the cost as is and there was still a huge grin on the drivers face when going round the areana.
  5. just thought id post a pic of my latest toy 32 KK 57 needs some work but when dosent a landy need work ;-)
  6. I visited Colditz a couple of years ago, it was a humbling experience to see where,how and what was achieved by the prisoners.
  7. Blimey things have changed since i last went to this show about 4 years ago, will have to look at getting the time off next year.
  8. Didnt get to take many pics as only had my phone camera with me and rain aint too exciting in pics lol. I agree taking down 5 9X9's, a 9X7, a 12X12 and a shelter were lots of fun when they were soaked, and a wet through piglet was a great drive home with the windows constantly steaming up lol. Shame really as the public dont seem to hang around to talk when its chucking down but can vouch that the fireworks were good.
  9. manage to catch up with them at a layby at Stokesay, just out of Craven Arms, Shropshire on the A49. It turned out the layby was to be used for a horse change so managed to get the pic below with a field of poppies in the rear which seemed quite apt. i know they were running late but the large amount of support waiting for them in Craven Arms was very good to see, so i hope they have that continue on there travels.
  10. great pics, thanks for sharing. the snow covered one will make a great model/diaroma
  11. Hallo mate is there a pic of my piglet in the report? if so i'll have to look for a copy
  12. Ah so your wondering about that one also Paul Must resist, must resist, honest theres no room on the drive
  13. Hmmm think my reply to the avaition one fits this as well. "new balls please" said in a rather high voice this time
  14. "New Balls Please" "What do u mean out"
  15. I really need to sort my pig and get it on the road again. Anyone know any history of the making of this. Presume it was done with MOD help as i doubt there were many pigs, vpk's in private hands. and in places the roads have a training area quality.
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