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  1. Hey Gareth good to see you mate! I hope you of all people like the Piglet. Thanks for all your help. It was such an interesting subject for me to research and build. I would have been pretty stumped for answers without this website and the likes of you, Clive and the guys helping out. Why someone has not published a book on Britsh ARMY vehicles in N.Ireland yet is beyond me.. I know David Dunne wrote a fantastic book on RUC Vehicles but the Army wagons are just as intriguing! I've built built 3 Piglets now and have two more to go before I take a breather on the subject. Here's
  2. Finally, better late than never! A SUPER BIG thanks to everyone who helped me here during the build. Without all your patience and assistance guys I would never have found all the information and pictures I was looking for! Here are is the finished results (& now I'm off to my next project a UDR Shorland APC MK.III) Kind regards, Roy
  3. Hi Guys I was here in 2010 and found your site so helpful, I'm hoping that some of you guys can help me close some chapters on a project I'm researching. Below are a list of niggling things that I would love some answers to, fingers crossed someone can help; 1. I am DESPERATE to find IN-SERVICE photos of late "Factory Fitted" Piglets in N.Ireland. You wouldn't believe how rare these are!! Of the hundreds I've collected from the Late 1980's to the early 1990's, most are likely late VPK Landy's. (I even have found a clean VPK from Belfast 1992) I have hundreds more of Private restored
  4. Hi Guys I'm back and need your help again! For those of you who patiently helped me back in 2010 with all my questions and followed my thread I just want to say a big thanks but also sorry for not finishing this project. Life got in the way & I had some other modelling distractions but I'm back to finish what I started and I'm really looking forward to the build! I've just finished a circa 1978 Stripped down VPK with Claribel Radar and I loved researching the project! http://www.flickr.com/photos/activearmour/7785093570/in/photostream/ Although I've been away for almost 3
  5. Hi Gareth! Thanks for the post, I havn't dropped off the face of the planet yet anyway I've three projects on the go at the moment now. I'm building a 1/35th Panhard M3 VTT APC over on armorama along with your Piglet. I started up the Build Log for the Piglet on March 30th over on armorama, check it out if you get time http://www.armorama.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=SquawkBox&file=index&req=viewtopic&topic_id=155903#1307805 I built up the chasis and main body and got some drawings done. then I got slowed down by preparing some models for two Irish Mo
  6. ..I think your right, this is going nowhere! I was just trying bring the quiery to a larger audience here.. :cry:
  7. Great photos Gareth!! I see you like 1:1 scale building :wow::rotfl: ..That mock up checkpoint looks the buisness by the way, I'll hang on to these photos too, cheers!! Glad you found the model site, keep an eye on it, I'll be showing photos of your piglet along the way and making some references too (as long as thats OK with you?) ..keep your ear to the ground in regard to photos or knowledge of that curious Jamming device (it fits that bracket in the back of the piglet in a photo you sent me before!) chat soon mate! Roy :-D
  8. Hi Guys Without breaching OPSEC, legal or safety issues, has anyone got any information on ECM's used on Land Rover Piglets during the Late 1980's or early 1990's?? I'm not looking for operational capabilities, Functions, limitations or training information I'm just looking for a drawing or Photo of what it may have looked like?? ie size, shape, layout and color.. I heard names like "white-Sifter", "Brown-Sifter" and "Antler" being used in regard to Frequency Jammers and was wondering were these items used in vehicles as well as by Soldiers on foot patrols in N.Ireland?? Thanks
  9. Excellent Gareth, I'll defo be adding this item to my model, thanks to your photos I should have this little accessory just about right!! Thanks again mate, you've been a great help :-D ..I'm gonna go out on a limb here and ask does anyone have any photos or information on the the "Jammer device" inside the vehicle, a drawing or reference will do, I really want to emphasize this in the Kit! ..I know there was a personel device that one squadie carried in his daysack in each brick on foot patrols, I wonder is this the same device?? ..BTW Gareth I took my donar kit out yesterday and gav
  10. Gareth - excellent photos my man, well done and thanks for taking the time to take the pics and post them!! ..in the photos there is a rectangulor box with two antenna just behind the spare wheel. what is this and was it a common fitting to all Piglets??? Richard, thanks for the update, I'm going to have to google Lexan, this is the first time I've heard about that! If you think of anything that might be worth mentioning or that might help me in thread here later please drop a line, you have been a great help so far!
  11. Gareth: Thanks again for the very informative update, I've made notes :-D Interesting to hear too about AA's piglets, there is about a 5 number gap between they're Tangi and Snatch kit codes, thats a bit odd so I'm hoping Derek is planning 4 or 5 more Land Rovers of some description in between. (hopefully an APV and Piglet will be two of them!) ..Glue-bombs are a new one to me, very interesting, I bet you got a hell of a fright when you were stripping the old paint off and the glue went up!! ..I hope your eye-brows stayed intact :nut: ..no rush on those photos of the roof hatch but I
  12. Your on top of your game Gareth! you have a sharp eye with these Landies, fair play to ya! I was disapointed at first when you mentioned the said vehicle in the photo was an APV but you sure made up for it posting these photos, I can actually make out red stencilling along with the more clear yellow in the first photo so I know I have both options available to me for my model ..I'm leaning back on yellow again, but we'll see what happens.. good image here too of the perspex glass protection on the doors, I see its the same set up as the RUC Hotspurs I must say that was some job you did
  13. As promissed, here are some of my bits too.. ..all comments welcome :angel:
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