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  1. Another wartime book arrived today. I'm a little surprised to find that I was the only bidder as usually WW1 & WW2 publications are at a premium & publications outside those periods regarded with destain & hence cheaper. This is the 1943 edition & is much larger than the 1932 edition I have. Bulging with many appendices & amendments lots of nuggets of info from an authoritative archive.
  2. Not sure what you mean by "hydrometers", they look very familiar to me & I knew them as Selsyns. I had a pair allegedly removed from an AA gun. I used them for turning my amateur radio mast. They are a sort of AC motor with stellate windings linked together as a pair & both energised by about 230v AC. Once energised turning one Selsyn transferred the message to it's partner & vice-versa. It was very strange because if the wind blew the aerial round there was an identical movement on the indoor one. If I turned the control one I could feel the identical torque as if I was turning the mast by hand. If the AC supply was cut both units became flaccid & would spin freely. Quite fun devices to use.
  3. This has just arrived. Some interesting changes from the 1916 edition where some forms have become obsolete the allocation is used for another purpose eg: A 2012 1916 Lunatic Asylums; List of (England & Wales). A 2012 1944 Application for enlistment of man whose parents are not British subjects B 264 1916 Discharge with Ignominy; Certificate. B 264 1944 Time Table for Cooking. I 1221 1916 Truss or Boot, for Pensioner; Application for. I 1221 1944 Maternity Chart.
  4. and some shows forbid the carrying of firearms around the showground.
  5. 1883 Manual of Elementary Field Engineering, the other picture is from 1905 Manual of Military Engineering
  6. Its not just the gun but keep an eye on your ammo as well. I once saw a couple of lads leaning into a Jeep admiring a gun secured on the dash, one was trying to block the view whilst the other unloaded the ammo & then they were quickly away. I reported them to security who already were looking for them in relation to thefts from stalls. I went off & found the Jeep owner to tell him what had happened & that security now had the lads detained. I didn't even get a Thanks Mate : (
  7. Yes well found, it was nice to find the associated Plessey manuals also on site.
  8. Yes it does look a promising overview, I've just looked up the details of it. Quite a wide subject to cover in a pamphlet, but being an infantry training manual might it only cover manpacks?
  9. Sorry nearest I have is 71145
  10. Looking forward to it, already entered : )
  11. This is an interesting one:
  12. I forgot to say the other source of WO Coded publications introduced or deleted, would be Army Council Instructions that were published pretty much monthly. I have very few ACIs, but I have a fair number the much later incarnation of DCI (Army) & it does include RE publications & EMERs. Looking in COSA W10 there are no manufacturers listed. Everything is NATO codified but there is one item listed Watch, hand set 6645-99-961-4204 used in Watch W10/VB/10036 Timer But that is the only entry associated with a VAOS coded W10 item.
  13. Looking in DCI (Army) No.148 May 1966 which lists Establishment Codes & it is not in the list at that stage.
  14. The Amphicar didn't stay in service very long. That amendment to the Equipment Regulations Pam No.8 was issued in April 1967. Note that it does not have the earlier 11-digit Asset Code only the 8-digit Asset Code that was introduced in 1966. It was not listed in RAOC Statistics Pam No.5 June 1970 & even the Establishment Code is absent from Materiel Regulations for the Army 1972.
  15. Pete I'm sorry if I misunderstood you, I just had a recollection that you had an interest in Bridging & VAOS. Daily I receive requests for information & it is difficult keep up with people's particular requirements, as it is I will have spent 2 hours this morning just responding to queries. In these Government catalogues, I now notice that all of the publications are priced. That means they are available for public purchase & that since 1924 they would have received a SO Code No to define the publication exactly in the days before ISBN. Strangely this HMSO catalogue doesn't use the SO Code No, nor does it use the WO Code No nor the WO Registry No before that. So it seems of the vast amount of WO publications published each year, we are only going to see things that are fit for public eyes. What is needed is the catalogue of WO publications that appear in WO Code No.12123 that is split into 5 parts. I have Part I from 1972 & a lot of others from more modern times. We've wandered of the original poster's thread but the above would explain that VAOS Sections would not be something available for public purchase & hence listing in such catalogues. I will look in COSA W10 & see what its got but that will be for another day, I'm done my quota for today, going out into the sunshine whilst we have it
  16. OG we have corresponded before I think about bridging publications. The problem I think is that the info you are after will be in RE publications rather than WO publications from HMSO. I had that problem with obtaining a CREM that I initially ordered through DSDC that was forwarded to RE publications, but took a year to arrive! Anyway I have looked through the Catalogue of Government Publications for 1955, 1956 & 1957. Fortunately there is an index, listed are publications for War Department, War Office & MOD (contrary to popular belief the MOD was in existence prior to 1964) 1956 & 1957 under WO publications it includes supplements (demolitions & water supply) to the RE Pocket Book but that's all.
  17. You'll be lucky, sadly little importance seems to be attached to preserving VAOS as far as libraries go. There are a few VAOS sections in the REME Museum. I regularly search for all types of VAOS on internet databases & military booksellers, it is very unusual to find any. Searches that include the words Ordnance Stores yield vast numbers of hits that relate to the American Civil War which is of no interest to me whatsoever! I have Section W10 1986 & 1995, was there anything in particular you wanted to look up? Irrespective of the date of publication the Army Code No.14994 is retained so presumably you need WO Code No.14994. The dates you mention are known dates of publication I assume? If not I have annual catalogues of Government publications that go back to 1894 that will usually list WO publications for a given year. PS In my excitement of seeing someone else interested in VAOS, I should have said my W10s are in COSA which means the items will be most likely NATO codified.
  18. Simon looking in several editions of the Catalogue of Ordnance Stores & Ammunition Section H1(a) Paints dopes & varnishes it seems there is no service paint in Spruce Green. Looking in AESP 0200-A-221-013 Painting of Service Equipment 1997 Section 16 Cooking stoves (small) gives gloss DBG
  19. He's not been on here since June 2017 & although as the RF flies he must be only 30 or so miles away, I've never heard him on the air. Although he may have interests in entirely different parts of the spectrum to me. Quite an old call sign, so maybe he is SK?
  20. Just posted my support. My closing paragraph: I feel that it is important to give future generations a feel of what was going on. Many of the younger generations nowadays worry that civilisation is sliding into extinction, what they don’t seem to grasp is that we were under the threat of pretty much instant extinction! It would be as well for them to remember that, but they need to be told about it and I think this museum would help do that.
  21. Somewhere I have the User Handbook, Minelayer, Mechanical, Towed Equipment, Mk 1. Provisional Edition. July 1954, it was the subject of one of my Mystery Objects so there will be pictures on there.
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