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  1. VAOS (Vocabulary of Army Ordnance Stores) Section LV7 covers components that are peculiar to British vehicles that are of non-standard design ie not to WO design. I have quite a few VAOS LV7 from various years & I can find no vehicle manufacturer with the code GB. However GB, not surprisingly, is the code for identifying components made by Girling Brakes that are listed only in VAOS Sections LV6 MT1 - MT15. Components in these sections are applicable to more than one vehicle type. The Section LV6MT9 includes braking components. I believe that the spring has been wrongly ca
  2. Yes I know all about loose wheel nuts! Having got my Shorland roadworthy 30+ years ago I took it for its first trip, some 45 miles to an event at Bovington Tank Museum. I was rather bugged by a rattling that I thought was caused by the turret, I stopped in a few lay-bys but could see nothing amiss. I had nearly arrived at Bovington, but on the roundabout at Bere Regis there was a loud crash & I found I was sitting in an undriveable 3-wheeler as I watched the NS rear wheel roll into a hedge. Fellow motorists were none too pleased as I climbed out in a dazed panic wondering ho
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    Winston a few more that a friend found on Facebook for me.
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    Winston, I believe this Shorland was the one that resided in the GNR museum, that held an annual open day when it was brought out for display. Unfortunately it seemed to end up as a gate guardian & mechanically went down hill being left out as water easily flows in from the turret. Wherever it has been someone has tried to sex it up by painting it green & putting SHORLAND on the side & covering the inside with white paint. The turret fixtures look rather silly, the hand spot-lamp is wrong, it was a spotlight linked to the GPMG & its sighting periscope. The tubes depicting
  5. 00BK36, 02BK87 & 18BK90 were FV1601 upgraded to FV1623 upgraded to FV1624 and were sold off in July 1971. 02BK87 was sold in error having been previously withdrawn from sale. The selling price is not recorded but 00BK36 sold for £90 & 11BK90 for £50. 02BK87 (below) was purchased I believe by Mike Goodman who was invited to sell it back to the MOD an invitation that he declined. For missile test purposes these vehicles had the same control & guidance systems fitted to Hornets., this equipment was considered sacrificial to be used in Hornets (in the same way that the syst
  6. Yes you have volts feeding the distributor. Put a bulb on this feed with the other end to earth & with the points open it will light up. Presumably when you use your screwdriver the light will go out. But what happens when you close the points by rotating the distributor or cranking? The light should go out, if it doesn't then the points aren't closing or there is some break in the connection at the earth or the pivot post that supports the points is not free to move fully. If it is stiff it may not allow the points to relax & close fully.
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    Winston you will have seen my remarks above & no doubt compared your pictures with those on the Shorland Site. The liberal use of white paint being used to side step the lack of the Dunlop 'Trakmark' lining. That aside, it looks in very good condition. I do hope you are successful & being LHD for you & no doubt its age will allow it to be imported. The GNR Shorlands were originally fitted with two radio systems. VHF - Storno CQM 632 HF - Racal Syncal TRA-921 this was a manpack radio but boosted with a 100 watt linear amplifier for AM/SSB with a manually operated
  8. Sparking at the points is not actually desirable, it is the Back EMF of about 300v from the primary circuit as it opens. The job of the condenser is to minimise the spark to encourage an abrupt switch off & collapse of the magnetic field to promote a high back EMF in both primary & secondary windings that add together (if the coil is designed for that polarity). But I grant you it is some sign of life. What voltage do you get with the points closed & the ignition on? If there is still voltage it means the points aren't making electrical contact, when you come with the scr
  9. An aberration of the Queens Royal West Surrey?
  10. You need to look for the AESPs with the octad 1015-K-100 which covers L118 and L119 There is also coverage in EMER ARMAMENTS H 140-149 Associated instruments are covered in EMER INSTRUMENTS B 420-429 and B 440-449
  11. I've known Pat Eagan from Tulsa for several decades. He would come to the UK to stock up & always was quite discriminating in what he would buy as he has a good reputation to protect.
  12. It should be on the confirmation email you got Chris when you booked the tickets. I think they said it starts with TNX but mine just started with #
  13. I've bent an arm to get a better cut off. On another carb I rebuilt using a full repair kit I eventually found a tiny dry solder joint in the float that allowed fuel to seep in.
  14. Yes you can try to claim a refund, but you have to give your reason for requesting it. I've claimed mine : )
  15. Rings, yes, in one catalogue I have there are scribbled calculations for payments to be made to another dealer.
  16. Well once you get all the crap off it, underneath it seems to still have the screened 24v system & an original engine not a V8 or TDI which is something in its favour.
  17. Brian 31 BK 42 was a Mk 1 Pig FV1612 sold at Ruddington in 1971. Yes they were still selling off Pigs to only start buying them back again a year later! So I wondered if your chassis number was perhaps 31420 as it should just have 5 digits. But the lowest chassis number starting with 3 was 32311 & besides 14 BK 20 was also a Mk 1 Pig struck off in Cyprus in 1967. Have you got an engine number? If that was original I could trace it back that way.
  18. Barry presumably it is now 7310-99-139-4087
  19. Brian tell me the chassis number of your FV1601 & I can tell you when & where it was delivered to the Army, the engine number, the receipt voucher number & the contract. Do you want just the info or a scan of the ledger? I can also tell you when & where it was sold with the lot number & sale number & possibly the selling price. Also the date it was struck off census, which is not the same as the sale date.
  20. If it was in use by the RAF Rgt it might well have been in disruptive camo although not quite as it appears in the picture. On an airfield with public access then it would be marked as below from JSP 341. I had an Aircraft Armament Support Vehicle & that was plain green as it would not be in role at a civil airport.
  21. Allan yes I just used DOT4. I assume the second question is not linked to the first, as there is no clutch fluid. The clutch withdrawal mechanism is merely a chain from the end of the pedal. So I would remove the split inspection panels over the foot pedals & inspect the chain to ensure it hasn't broken or rusted up. Some Mk2 Pigs were modified with a slightly more robust mechanism than just a chain, but even these still stretched or broke. PS I assume the wheels are free to turn & the brake shoes are not stuck on? Bear in mind the hand brake is not on the transmission b
  22. In this upgrade the brass instruction plate was removed & replaced by a self-adhesive label. There were three issues of the upgrade. I don't know the actual date of the first issue but it was listed as current in Feb 1981, subsequent issues were Aug 1982 & Sep 1985. Unmodified cookers were modified to the burner grid from Jul 1989
  23. NSN 7310-990125-1745 indicates it is an early model. Following the fitting of a new burner assembly which increased the thermal output, producing cleaner combustion & simpler to operate it was designated 7310-99-139-4087 on a replacement plate.
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    Thanks Sean, yes indeed I have. It has advertised a month or so ago when it was priced. I can't remember what the price was but remember thinking it would have been a good buy. So obviously no takers so far. To see what it should look like in GNR service have a look here: https://www.shorlandsite.com/Shorland3apcGNR_Lemos.htm I wouldn't call it complete, as it is devoid of the Trakmark & foam lining, but has been painted white internally. This lining is not a luxury extra, it was to help absorb bullet spall, reduce the heat inside & to reduce condensation. It can ge
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