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  1. I'm told that acetone is a very good carrier for the light oil of your choice to make an excellent penetrating oil.
  2. Selling poppies with the Ferret on sunday I overheard someone say "look at the army jeep". I kept my mouth shut!
  3. Assuming Clansman which I guess is correct for a CVRT then you don't actually need a radio, the intercom is separate. The radios just plug into the intercom system, they are not part of it.
  4. I remember upsetting the gate guard at I think Chatham Barracks when in my frog-eye Sprite because he couldn't get his wheelie mirror under it, it being too low. I think he only let me in because I was in uniform.
  5. R216 receivers and power supplies. Larkspur era VHF receivers. Gordon
  6. Some years ago I was being given the run-around trying to register an MGB which had sat idle for 30+ years, and for which I had all the relevant paperwork. Not much happened until I started the on-line complaint procedure then things moved quickly.
  7. Was very quiet today. There doesn't seem to be as many traders as in previous years. And not much on tracks.
  8. Agree with starting off with the local CO, he will know, or find out, how to take it further up the chain. The other year I "came across" a 25pdr that had apparently been abandoned and made enquiries via the relevant CO. He was very helpful and I eventually got an official reply back saying that the gun was an ex gate guardian and was due to go to Malta so not for sale/disposal.
  9. Well someone has very recently bought the Wessex that lived for years in the car park at Crowborough Camp, so it must be possible.
  10. Anyone understand Japanese enough to get these files?
  11. The Morris/Hotchkiss thing affected Morris engines in MG cars certainly up to the post WW2 TC, and no doubt others. Metric (non-ISO) threads but Whit/BSF bolt head sizes!
  12. You are correct, the earlier elements were twice as long as the ones you have but they never seemed to alter the label. Gordon
  13. The one thing a quick look at there does not seem to be an end piece i.e. the top of the mast. It's in your 7th photo! Gordon G7KNS
  14. The rectangular connector is for a remote lead from a clansman battery to the radio. Used in cold weather so that the battery could go inside the operator's clothing to keep it warm. As shown the upper terminal is positive. It screws onto the battery. The circular connector is I think the general power connector in vehicles. Not used on radios.
  15. It isn't that difficult to rework headsets if you can solder delicate wiring. The Clansman stuff is tinsel wire and can be a pain to work with. The connections are widely available via google. I wouldn't use the pictured 349 headset in a panzer as there is only one earpiece and I suspect you'll need two if only to act as ear defenders! (I know I do in my Ferret). I'm afraid I don't know how well the throat mic would interface with the ANR system. Clansman headsets come in three flavours, infantry, B vehicle and A vehicle. The A vehicle ones, the rarest, are probably the best as ear defenders and the infantry ones the least. As one would expect. Be aware there are headsets out there without microphones, I think the come from the Warrior. Very good as ear defenders. I've no experience with the ANR system so I don't know how effective it is, others will no doubt chime in with their experiences.
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