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Hello everyone.

I own a small collection of military vehicles, all post war British Army/RAF.


AEC Militant Mk3 Medium Recovery.



BM Volvo BV202E Mk2



Land Rover 110 V8



Land Rover 101 Ambulance



I also run the website for the AEC Matador and Militant Owners Club, http://www.aecmilitant.co.uk and organise the Diesel Heavy Haulage section at the Great Dorset Steam Fair.

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hello graham,

with someone coming up on here with a name like militantgraham there is only 1 person I know who fits the bill.

Hows it going.

It was a very impressive line up at kemble Steam & if rumours are to be believed then you are all coming back again next year. mandy has managed to secure us all that part of the site so we can spread out a bit more.

Welcome aboard & hope to catch up soon.

Are you going to Tredegar house?


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Welcome Graham.


Seriously mate, that is just showing off!!


The first picture looks like a Steam fair picture. We live not far from Tarrant Hinton..........Blandford and the surrounding areas are a no go area for the week. :shock:

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