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Royal Engineers EOD land rovers..

paul connor

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Ok. I remember the 110's we had. they had Red front wings and all the rear glass was painted black on the hardtops.. I dont recal If they were in camo or solid nato colour schemes?


But.. what I really want to know.. is series 3's. I know there were some still lurking back in 99/2000 when I was with 101st RE. But did they have red wings? if so.. what colour?


and how much red? the whole wing?


any help?

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RE vehicles just says "wings", similarly RAF EOD. But RAF OD (IED) & RAOC (then RLC) are white vans with reflective horizontal bands midway up the body. I have some official drawings if you want to become a white van man.


Never seen disruptive camo on RE Rover would be self defeating to the camo concept to have red wings. Although it is conceivable a Rover previously painted in camo was pressed into RE service.


RN Rovers are navy blue with red wings, a rubber boat on top & towing a trailer. I assume that is for wartime ordnance. Whereas RN have white vans for IEDs similar to RLC.


I think similarly RE deal with wartime & heavy ordnance whereas RLC cover IEDs?

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