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Rare GMC?


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Hi all.


Have a member in a our Dorset branch of the MVT and there are three of us who own GMC's.


Now one of these GMC's seems to be very rare, it is a;


Air portable, hard cab tipper


The question is, is this rare and where can I find some further info?






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one of our chaps has got 1 of these air portable tippers, he got it a few weeks ago.

he is doing a restoration on it over the winter so will find out some more details when i get them.

I'm going to have to be nosey now & go & ask a few questions



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Hi Jack

Wheels and Tracks issue 22 carries a good article on the airborne GMC's,

the necessary parts were produced as kits for either factory or field installation on LWB cargo and cargo/dump and SWB cargo trucks.They all started life as canvas cabs but it is known that some were fitted to hard cabs, it is believed that this was done post war during NATO country rebuilds.Total production is quoted as 3880 353A2 cargo,2497 353B2 cargo with with winch and 475 353H1 cargo/dump with winch.Apparently

the 352 is not listed anywhere but it is known that over 400 were produced. It appears that comparatively few have survived and they are considered to be fairly rare.

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Corné the pics you show us is a Airborne CCKW 353 cargo truck Not a dump truck.


Jack as far as I know only open cab trucks where build in an airborne conversion...So probably the dumptruck you are talking about fitted with a hardcab after the war!


Can you get the chassis number?




Cheers Jeroen.


That is great info and the jigsw is coming together. I can get the chassis number!


I will get it sorted and get back to you.


Many thanks.



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