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National Service 60th Anniversary

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With January 1st being the 60th anniversary of the start of compulsory post war National Service, I invite anyone interested in marking this anniversary, to come along to the Great Central Railway in Loughborough on Sunday January 4th, wear period uniform and travel on period trains through period stations.


The GCR is a restored main line double track railway which is preserved to represent the glory days of Britain's steam powered railway i.e. the 1950's. Whilst one station is preserved in the Edwardian era and another as a wartime station, both are perfectly applicable for a 1950's recreation as at that time many stations had hardly changed since they were built.


This isn't an official railway event, it isn't a war on the line event and it isn't even an event as such - it merely a suggested opportunity to dig out your battle dress and get together out of season but in suitable surroundings where for once your BD will be needed to keep out the chill!


I suggest army kit bags and suitcases should be the order of the day rather than weapons and tin helmets, after all, "there isn't a war on"!!


If you want to join in you will have to buy your own tickets to travel on the trains just like anyone else, but it would be a great way to blow away the Christmas excesses and mark an important day in history. If period vehicle owners want to use it as an excuse to join in, what the heck, the more the merrier!


See period picture below as a taster......


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There seems to be a view that a return to National Service might go some way towards curing our ailing country of its "behavioural" problems, but perhaps best not go down a 'political' alley on here.....


However I for one would be really pleased to see a return to steam power on the rails :yay:


Anyway, this sounds like a great idea for an event - shame I just missed out on National Service :whistle:

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