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Packard 4M-2500


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Just out of interest does anyone know of any Packard 4M-2500 V12 marine engines as used in US MTB's in the UK? and in the unlikely event I ever get hold of one of these is it possible to "ground run" a marine engine such as this?



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Guest catweazle (Banned Member)

Dont know of any for sale,as you probably know merlins built under licence,i gave workshop manual to the MTB 102 trust some years ago.i would of thought it difficult to run because you would need a constant supply for the heat exchanger,unless you fixed up a rad,fan etc .wouldnt like to say.if you just need a fix there is on u tube nutters running them up on trailers somewhere even got props on.crazy.

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Not sure about "a lot more horsepower than the Merlins". They are about the same. Range of 800-1500 hp for the Packard from 40 litres compared to 27 litres for the Merlin with similar power range. Both depending on exact model. Merlins thended to be heavier. Supercharger contributes to this. Need to be careful comparing figures though, what RPM? Sealevel or xx,000 feet? The Meteor might be a better comparison.


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