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Diamond T 975


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Hello Gents


Well up untill now no real problems with the truck, but after getting back from a show the other weekend I noticed water dripping from a hole on the water pump. It first looked like that I would have to remove the wing and inner wing to get to the water pump, but on closer inspection after removing the aircleaner I was able to get to the water pump with out to much of a problem.It would apear the inner seal has dried up but i will know more once I get to take the water pump apart will keep you posted.



DT water pump 001.jpg

DT water pump 005.jpg

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A friend of mine has finally managed to get the water pump apart and the rear seal was totally shot, so I now have to try and track down a seal kit.Hoping to find one at War and Peace. Will keep you updated.


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Hello an update for the Diamond T 975a. I have fitted the water pump back onto the truck and also fitted a new thermostat,I also replaced all of the rubber hoses. I took the truck for a run yesturday and after getting back there was no leaks and the temp kept at a steady 80oC or just under. Before I had no theremostat and found that water would blow from the top of the radiator, having a thermostat has put a stop to this and its running cooler. Well thats it for now.


Regards Howard.

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The seal kit was a new old stock dated 1962 and the thermostat was also new old stock I bought these from David Wildenberg, I did however manage to get some new chain links from a local bearing stockist, the link was for the chain that drives the water pump.







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