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Am I the only person that has to have a look in a skip if I go past it.

When I had a railway arch with my dad I built my spray booth with stuff I founds in skips, including the lighting/wiring.


Whats the best thing you have ever found in a skip?

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I once found a set of brass weights - Victorian with VR stamps on them, weights went from 1/4 oz to 14lbs - about twenty of them in total. That was in Auchinleck. Value today - about £300-400 the set


In Ayr I found a whole pile of Edwardian photos which I sold for £350 in the local auction house a few weeks later.


I have rescued copper pipe, wire and all sorts.

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Glad its not just me then, I find then fascintating.


Someone hires it to clear stuff out by day, visitors remove items by night, other visitors dump stuff by night and so it goes on, so the level is constantly changing.


There was one the other week on news where someone put a table in with a damaged leg but was spotted & turned out it was made by a well known furniture maker & it fetched £40,000!!! And the original owner was very grateful.

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We got 3 aluminium scaffolding towers out of one a few years ago. One of them now forms the basis for watchtower on the Gulf War display at W&P & my Dad uses one of the others for cutting hedges. The third is not complete so will probbaly get weighed in when I get round to it. The tripod we used to manoeuvre Marks WLF engine is made from some of the braces lashed together!



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