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Plains Weekemd and more...


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Well - I've finally recovered from the Plains weekend!!

We all had a great time down there (although the wife and daughter did go shopping on the Sunday) and are really appreciative of the efforts that Tony and the team put in to organising such an excellent weekend. We are already looking forwards to next years one.

Dave did sterling work in cooking the breakfasts and the Sat night stew - both were excellent! I also have to thank both Dave and Sean for the rides both days - great fun although at time I thought Sean was trying to find a puddle deep enough to emulate a Stollie in!!.


Having arrived late Friday night 'cos the daughter is still at school (6th form) I just bunged my cot and sleeping bag in Daves 9x9 whilst the wife and daughter had a room at the Bustard - some time later I lay there shivering and kicking myself for not doing the same - Gawd did it get cold that night!!!


Saturday was the best weatherwise - we had enormous fun rumbling over the plains and it was a treat to be allowed into the training village whislt the Army were using it - and for them to show such an interest in our vehicles. Had to feel sorry for Paul - his water pump gave up the ghost and too the rad out, Mike hooked him on the back of his Ward to get him back to base - then he found he also had a flat rear tyre.... Hard work by both lads got the wheel swapped on the plains and the pump & rad swapped back at base before the skittles evening started. Most impressed!! :) We had to miss the Skittle as some friend from Andovber had come over to see us and have a meal in the Bustard


Sunday was a lot wetter but still great fun. First off we went and visited one of the crossing bridges then moved onto the driver training area where the vehicles had fun splashing through the puddles of varying depths. Could be a chance next year of getting the area to use for half a day if Tony and the guys can swing it. - be excellent if they can!! Watched Mark and his Ward playing in the puddles - never seen such a massive grin!! :)

From the DTA we went on to the crossing point to see the Route To Victory guys come past. Had to wait a little while but it was worth it. Saw Degsy, Jack and Jessie rumble past - Jack was greeted by a number of Plains group members waving fuel cans at him - can't think why!!! :) For me, though one of the real highlights of the weekend was seeing - and hearing - Kevins Stalwart running cross-country (really made me miss my own little girl).

The manager of Land Marc joined us at the crossing and, after the RTV guys had gone, took us on another route back to camp. He was in the Stalwart - very aptly as the route he took us involved a LOT of water. This is where I think Sean thought he was driving a Stolly and not his 101... Time we got back to camp those in the open vehicles (jeep & champs etc.) were rather wet - as were Tony and Dave P after discovering the hard way that driving a Series landie through a deep puddle results in large amounts of water being shot up into the cab through the transfer lever holes!!!

Had another highlight - and Jack, if you read this don't get too excited - in that the wifea notorious anti-Gren Machine tye of person turned around and said she liked the GMC that RCubed had down there. And that I could have one if I wanted (although she did mutter something about selling the Landrover ....) :)

Sunday night was quiz night and Sean joined Val, Tanya and myself to form the Mud Pluggers - and we won!! Had a top score of 65 points and the nearest team to us was Rambo and his Dodgie Squaddies on 45. Were we pleased or what!!!

Sadly we had to leave on Sunday night for home. We had planned to stay until mid-day Monday but it had become rather apparent that I'd over done it as regards the feet and ankles and could barely walk by the time we left. So much so that we didn't get home till 03:00 Hrs Monday morning. We will be back next year though - either with the OT or Maud the Stalwart!! There was a nice lake or two on the DTA that would be ideal for a couple of Stalwarts to splashing about in using the dowty's!!


On Tuesday Richard from Russian Military rang regarding the OT and getting it registered. He had his local inspector out on Friday looking at some Zils so he bounced the OT idea off him. News was not good - won't go into the reasons just yet - suffice it to say they are bad news for anyone wanting to register over width vehicles - but basically he is posting the paperwork down to me and I'm going to take it over to to Sidcup and see how I get on there.

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