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Dkw rt100

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Hello , i am completely new to motorcycles ( dont even have a license to drive one:p ) but i do have a few newbie questions;

Im currently looking at a dkw rt 100 for a display and at most circle around the block purposes . Because i always wanted a german ww2 vehicle (thats actually affordable :p)

and also (without meaning to be demeaning or something) because looking at the technology it reminds me of my old moped (brommer) i had as a 16 year old which i could tinker on a bit.

1: the example im looking at is painted in normandy camo which i particularly like. But is that a fantasy paint? I know about possible wehrmacht grey schemes but camo is new to me.

2: are they hard to drive ?(ie ive driven mopeds but never a manual gearbox one)

3: the frame says made in germany when the year of production said 1939.. is this correct? (As a militaria collector i know most german products stop saying made in germany nearer to the war, hence my  question)

4: the seller claims the engine has a waa waffenampt stamp did they actually do that?

5: are there any manuals available?



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