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Trying to find prototype GOER photo


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I'll try to keep it short
In 1962 artist Robert Rauschenberg produced a silk screen printed picture called 'Crocus' which included the manipulated photographic image of a X2 military truck. This Image undoubtably would have come from a book, magazine or paper of that time and I'm trying to track down the specific publication from which it came. As far as I can ascertain the image is of prototype "goer"(M520 + alternates) X2 which was tested in the late 1950's to early 1960's These prototypes were assigned "X" experimental numbers (X1 ,X2 ,X3) as you can see from the X3 wiki picture below. As I said before Rauschenberg usually got his images from publications. I have gone through a number of these on archieve.org and reverse image searched on all of the major platforms searched through google images to no avail.
    I'm hoping someone with a better memory than me might remember seeing the photograph from which this image was derived.

Thanks for reading 



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