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RE C vs CO


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Hi everyone,

I became interested in what was listed by a dealer as a civilianised CO but after abit of reading up found it wasa side valve C. I know the OHV is more powerful and seen as a superior bike in general. It will be my first classic / vintage bike, already own a modern 650 RE and  happy to learn about / maintain the bike being ex reme. 

So my main question I guess would be should I shy away from the Cs, is there a notice increase in performance. What kind of price difference is there between the two.


The main use of the bike would be a jollys to the beaches in France and the WW1 battlefields. Dover is not massively far (I live in essex). I have order the book 1925-1945 British motorcycles as a reference but its yet to arrive. 

Any feedback / advice is more than welcome.






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It's surprising just how well the WD/C performs against the WD/CO. According to the performance figures in this document, there's little difference between them . The C is a bit lighter but heavier on fuel.  Ron

DSCN3290 figures.JPG


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