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Land Rover Wolf HS Wheel Hubs

paul connor

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I have been studying various images I have of Land Rover Wolf 90/110 and wondered why the rear hub flange on some vehicles appear different?

I can find no reference to these parts in the AESP which shows the more tradition flange and centre plastic cap, whereas this part looks to be more rounded and omits the centre plastic cap.

Can someone explain as to why some vehicles have this modification as it does not appear uniform throughout the fleet of MOD vehicles?





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The halfshaft in your photo is the final LR design as used on the run-out Defenders (introduced circa 2014 as I recall) and is a one-piece design, with the halfshaft and drive flange being a single part. The earlier (and traditional) two piece halfshaft and flange assembly proved to be a weakness on the TDCi (and to a slightly lesser extent the TD5) engined Defenders with the result that LR switched to an improved (but obscenely expensive) one piece design.

As far as I know, since the new design is fully backwards-compatible, LR subsequently also stopped supplying the two-piece shafts.

My feeling therefore is that the vehicles you have seen with one-piece shafts have either had broken/worn shafts replaced or have been upgraded to the later design.

As the owner of a high-mileage TDCi Defender 110 I can say from fist-hand experience that replacing the drive flanges and halfshafts every 50k miles or so became tedious, and despite their absurd price the one-piece shafts are a vast improvement. Many people retro-fit Disco1 halfshafts (also one-piece) or now fit aftermarket one-piece shafts, which are a fraction of the cost of the genuine item from Landrover. 

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