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Austin K5 value


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Hi guys,

I bid on an Austin K5 this evening as I like them, but reserve was not met.

The lorry has been rebuilt and needs finishing but has no V5 document.

what would be a K5’s market value for the purpose of price reduction and value?

Many thanks, Neil.

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Blimey!  Good luck with that one!  How long is a piece of string.  The real answer is what folk are prepared to pay for it, assuming a sale IS actually required - sometimes you wonder, judging by the prices asked.  I cannot see any other K5s on offer at present but prices of large WW2 trucks seem to be all over the place from those who clearly think their truck must be worth three times as much as a Jeep because it is three times as large to others who presumably realise that the market for a big truck is very limited - to those with the facilities to store, look after and drive the beast!  Maybe best course of action is to contact the owner (if eBay or similar) or auction site and ask what they are after and see if they meet your expectations/budget.

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