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Help with Grandad's WW1 ambulance please


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Hi all... I'm new on this site and more of a modeller than a 1:1 scale' re-builder 😁

Anyway: my reason for posting is to find out if anyone can cast light on my Grandad's WW1 ambulance.

Largely through Will Ward on another (modelling) site, I've worked out that it's an Argyll vehicle... but know little more than that.From my research so far (see https://www.planetfigure.com/threads/grandads-ww1-ambulance.275810/page-3#post-1098969)

Argyll did make ambulances (and vans etc)- in fact Will provided a link to a 1910 civilian one.

However, I suspect that Grandard's may be based on Argyll's successful 1910 'Flying-Fifteen' chassis.

But, that's a bit of a guess, so any further info and especially photos/plans/tech specs would be extremely welcome ☺️

The pics show: Grandad and Sgt; Mauldslie* (Scottish Red Cross); Salvation Army ambulance; 1910 'Flying-Fifteen'; ditto; FF chassis- possibly Army spec?

Cheers, Neil

*Will tells me that there's another pic of this from the side in this book... anyone got a copy they can photo/scan it from?


Some background: Grandad was a driver/mechanic in the ASC 1914-18, never rising above the lowly rank of private. The photo is possibly Egypt or Palestine, or could be France. He's the one at the radiator.

The Sgt probably isn't, but I'd love to be 'Uncle Tom': a chauffeur from Windemere (no, he didn't drive boats). They met up as drivers and became lifelong friends with Grandad moving from Kent to Lancashire after the war to work for him as a mechanic (he was an 'early adopter' of motor vehicles and worked as a driver/mechanic all the way from pre-WW1 to the late 1960s).

I have his 'Pip, Squeak and Wilfred' service medals.








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