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i am currently building a model in 1/35 scale of the ih -8066 xm523e2 & xm524e2 truck and trailer 


i am looking for walk-around images, measures, dimensions and manuals and catalogs of this truck and trailer  if possible 

basically any info that can aid me in completing my models as accurate as possible 

thank you 


enjoy and happy modelling 




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There are 2 pictures of it in a book called Heavy Transport International by Jan van Wees, from Roundoak publishing.  I have also seen it somewhere on youtube as a heavy haul tractor, I think somewhere in South America.  No further details yet



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Google Truck tractor 25 ton XM 523E2 and a picture with basic dimensions comes up, (and lots of other pictures) although I can't get to the site.  Someone called Davide Virdis has already built a model - see Wheels and Tracks issue 64 p38, and Wheels and Tracks issue 63 has one working for a building company on p13.

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i found the image on google with the measures 


yet, please send me a link to Davide Virdia model please (if possible) 


and please let me know where can i find the wheels and tracks magazines, 63 and 64 


cheers top man 

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