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  1. Rob, it didn't sound at all like that, no problem. I hoped I hadn't sounded like that, so all good. I am Hamble based boat wise and Solent stomping ground. Planning to be at Cowes week when I have put the boat back together. I will see if I still have the MBY issue. Best Toby
  2. Robert, Thanks for the heads up, no intention to teach you to suck eggs! Fairline 36 boat report was Feb 83 Motorboat and Yachting if of interest. Mine's a Fairey Spearfish. Toby
  3. I would remove the engine first and then put a damp meter all over the hull. Getting it under cover will help it dry out. I would sort the hull first, then the drivetrain then the cosmetics. Think ahead with the hull; is the foredeck cleat big enough and strong enough to be towed from? Where are the bilge pumps and their outlets going to go etc. Back end looks more medium than deep v. Add the Jag engine and stern drive and that suggests it was designed as a ski boat. The stern drive bellows need replacing every 2 years, as failure equals sinking. If you are going to sea as opposed to a lake, then worth considering adding a bracket for an aux outboard when you redo the transom. A secondary means of propulsion is a no brainer at sea. Happy to advise further if you wish.
  4. I think it is CVR(T) Sultan and possibly Spartan to go over the exhaust when in a hide. Probably for thermal reasons when charging batteries and to help stop camnet catching fire.
  5. For clarity, Warrior was developed by GKN and has the RR CV8 and Allison box. It has single pin track with one pad per link and torsion bar suspension. AS90 was developed by VSEL before they merged under BAE and has the Cummins VTA903 engine and ZF box. It has a totally different hull that is bigger than Warrior. It has double pin track with 2 pads per link with hydrogas suspension. In service, no-one would go to the effort of trying to see if the Main Assemblies were interchangeable.
  6. For those who use radios, the new Ofcom proposals are worth a read as they will affect your radio licence. You should note the consultation period has expired. If you type in Ofcom EMF you should find it. It is about separation from the base of the antenna to people to keep them safe from EMF For a 25W marine VHF radio it is 2.04m using the Ofcom calculator. For a small boat, or military vehicles this separation will be difficult to achieve. If this is going to cause a problem, you can make a representation to Ofcom. This will be particularly relevant for marine VHF and heavy haulage escorts and taxi drivers.
  7. Warrior and AS90 are completely different. Very little will be compatible apart from obvious items like weapon clips.
  8. 8405-99-130-7997 Headover / balaclava
  9. Search for 1200r 20 tyres gives a number of companies selling them. Add off road and you get more options. Big tyres, se tyres, tyres guru and vrakking tires all come up with options. It must be easier to get the right size tyres which will solve the problem for 10 years. Ensure you are specific about the date - I could only get Aug 18 tyres for my EKA.
  10. If it is what I think it is, pull the jacking handle out a bit then push all the way down. When jacking, it will move between about 9 o'clock and 11 o'clock. To release, it needs to move to about 7 o'clock when viewed from the side.
  11. All, £672 for my Scammell EKA. Glad I don't have a Drops. Annoyingly, the dot code is 31 18 so already lost 2.5 years, and nothing newer available without adding significant cost.
  12. I found that my Clarke 7.5 CFM compressor is good enough for spray painting without running out of puff, and will intermittently run a 3/4 in impact wrench, but not full time, while a 1/2 in impact wrench was no problem. A 50l tank is good for portability, while 100l will give better endurance and run more powerful tools. Provided you do your homework, there is no reason why you can't buy good second hand kit. Again, go for the solution that best fits your needs and budget. T
  13. Fairey marine CSB for sale https://www.findafishingboat.com/nato-jet-boat/ad-105614
  14. Don't forget you need a compressor to drive air tools. Go for 1.5 times tool air consumption for capacity. A compressor allows you to use an air blow gun to clean items and run a spray paint gun. Air tools are also good if working in the wet as there is no risk of electric shock (assuming the compressor is in the dry). Choose whatever suits your needs best.
  15. Try PB Asher in Southampton. Were good for me some years ago sourcing Japanese spec Isuzu items. Had injector and FIP test benches. Also had a small ( 4ft) ship injector for repair, so may be able to help.
  16. What is the question you want to ask them? Or are you researching the history?
  17. Wheels and Tracks was a print magazine that stopped a number of years ago. it was edited by Bart Vanderveen and was published by the same people that did After the Battle. https://www.afterthebattle.com/
  18. Note it could be a made up badge put on by someone after it left service. As Blue Belle says, it is not the correct Commando badge, and usually, if a Commando unit, it would be accompanied by an Army Commando badge at the top of the sleeves. TRF should be on the right sleeve and Commando dagger (not that one) on the left
  19. Google Truck tractor 25 ton XM 523E2 and a picture with basic dimensions comes up, (and lots of other pictures) although I can't get to the site. Someone called Davide Virdis has already built a model - see Wheels and Tracks issue 64 p38, and Wheels and Tracks issue 63 has one working for a building company on p13.
  20. Found it, try this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqTlneRby3Q
  21. There are 2 pictures of it in a book called Heavy Transport International by Jan van Wees, from Roundoak publishing. I have also seen it somewhere on youtube as a heavy haul tractor, I think somewhere in South America. No further details yet
  22. From online pictures, it looks like under the load bed LHS just behind cab. Been a long time since I drove one. Believe master switch is co-located. And you could follow the cables from that.
  23. TJSB

    HMS Barham

    Dear all, Film of the sinking of HMS Barham has been 'colourfied'. Link below. My grandfather survived this. Sadly, many didn't. T
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