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930 WKSP REME of Longview Lane, Huyton, near Liverpool.

A friend of mine is involved in the restoration of a single deck bus dating from about 1929.
In a package of manuals about the vehicle, A Leyland Tiger.
One of them, though referring to Leyland goods vehicles, was originally in the possession of 930 WKSP REME Longview Lane, Huyton, near Liverpool.
I have asked for a photo of the document.

Can anyone say any more please?
Was there a military vehicle that used the same components as the Tiger?

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Can't tell you much without a chassis number, which will contain the model designation. Engines and other parts were shared with the trucks. Similarly engine no would be useful. 1929 was the time when there were huge changes happening in the Leyland model line ups, bringing in new technology.

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There was a lot of interchanging of parts between Leyland bus and truck chassis. Which model of Tiger is it - a TS6 or TS8?

Chances are some of the older spares places still carry stock for some parts. Charles Hurst in Belfast were able to supply parts for a 1934 TS6 as late as 1982!

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