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Various WW2 to '60s clothing

Sean N

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Hello all,

I have some surplus clothing which I was going to eBay, but just wanted to check here first in case anyone needed / wanted anything:

WW2 RAF jacket, Group Captain insignia, all buttons present but wings and medal ribbons removed, some marks and wear, probably do with a dry clean.

Trousers Combat 1960 pattern, good used / military surplus condition but a few odd (paint?) marks, approx. 32" - 34" waist

Trousers Combat 1960 pattern, fair condition but look as though they've been used in the REME workshop , 31" - 33" waist.

Hampshire Fire Brigade Nomex tunic, Leading Firefighter rank, with Nomex removeable liner, all buttons etc. present, good with some marks and wear

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Hello John, thanks.

The trousers seem to go for about £50 - £75; as the good ones have a few spots of paint on I was thinking the bottom of that range, and £35 for the poorer pair. As to the jacket I'm not sure, prices seem to be so variable, so probably open to offers. Postage would be about £6 per item but might be a saving if posting items together.

I'm afraid the jacket has no labels or information in at all, so I can't tell you the size. I recall it fitted my brother who is around 5'10" and about 38" - 40" chest, if that's a help.


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Good trousers:





Poorer trousers:





The colours appear a bit off, though perhaps it's just my computer; the good ones are a strong olive green, the others are more faded but not as much as they look to me in the photos.

Hope this helps.

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