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Humber pig

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Hi can anybody tell me what brake fluid goes in a Humber pig eg dot 4?,also transfer box is engaging into 4 wheel drive/ normal gears but nothing happens when letting the clutch out, but moves when letting clutch in and out erratic , bearing in mind this vehicle been stood for 4 years? Thankyou

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Allan yes I just used DOT4.

I assume the second question is not linked to the first, as there is no clutch fluid. The clutch withdrawal mechanism is merely a chain from the end of the pedal. So I would remove the split inspection panels over the foot pedals & inspect the chain to ensure it hasn't broken or rusted up.

Some Mk2 Pigs were modified with a slightly more robust mechanism than just a chain, but even these still stretched or broke.

PS I assume the wheels are free to turn & the brake shoes are not stuck on? Bear in mind the hand brake is not on the transmission but a mechanical linkage to each wheel cylinder.

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