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FV432/433 Fuel Stop Solinoid and Rack Lubricants


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I have just helped a friend start his Abbot FV433, he had the engine out all connected up outside the front and it was turning over and plenty of fuel coming out the top bleed on the fuel filter, only I could not here the solenoid engaging so, off came the hydraulic oil tank so I could get to the inspection cover for the solenoid linkage and then we tried again and you could see it was not moving and it was rusty; so WD40 and away she went.

I have a burning question, Ok, WD40 did the job, only long term what is the best lubricant for around the solenoid linkage and the rack, you can see some type of grease around the rack from other post's.

Any help much appreciated.


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The start solenoids are weak point on those packs. They often fail after becoming weak. New ones are getting hard to come by as well. Be sure to have your foot operated fuel cut off in good order !

A bit of grease won't make it any worse ?

Not much help i know !

I need to replace mine on the 434, i have permanently lifted it to the open position and put a nut under it to keep it so. Therefore i use the foot operated fuel cut off.

I do have a new solenoid, so i will add it to the 'to do' list.

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