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Royal Enfield census numbers low tack stencils now available from Axholmesigns


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From approximately 1940 onwards the RAOC census numbers were applied in the factory where the vehicle was built, and each factory had its own unique “style”. Royal Enfield used waterslide transfers, in a font that was only used by them. 

As I’m rebuilding a 1942 WD/CO myself, and as I have seen many restored WD Royal Enfields with “wrong style” census numbers (and I have to admit that I’m a bit of a Rivet Counter… 😃 ), I have decided to take some action… so I made a DXF drawing of the correct font as used by Royal Enfield. (I do have an original tank that I used to measure most of the numbers, the other numbers were created on the basis of some high resolution contemporary photographs). I have been looking at having a batch of waterslide transfers made, but this isn’t cost effective. I would need to order these transfers in quantities that I will never be able to sell… Hence my idea to use low tack stencils, with the correct font. Tony Pearson at Axholmesigns has been very helpful, and Axholmesigns can now provide low tack stencils with any Royal Enfield census number in the correct font! (https://www.axholmesigns.co.uk/motor-bike) You can download a PDF file with fitting instructions through their website, so no more excuses for not using the correct font on a Royal Enfield petrol tank!  😃

Anybody who’s unsure about the correct census number for his WD/CO or WD/RE can of course send me a PM... (Note: same font on the RAOC WD/C. Most WD/Cs were RASC though, and they used different styles...)






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