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3HW Oil Draining


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I am new to this forum.  Lots of interesting information here...

I have owned a 3HW for a number of years an continue to fight a significant oil leak.  When it sits for any period the oil drains from the tank into the engine and eventually finds a way out to the floor.  When I bought it someone had put a valve in the oil line running to the engine which I assume was to fix this particular issue.  I have removed the valve as I am always afraid I will forget to open it before riding the bike!  I have had the engine apart but haven't found any particular reason why the oil should drain this way.  Anyone else had this issue or have any ideas to address it?  Thanks in advance!

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To my knowledge engines with plunger type oil pumps (Triumph, Ariel etc) Are not usually that prone to wet sumping. The first and easiest thing to check is the non return ball valve. Bottom left of the timing cover is a hex plug, bihind which is a 7/32" ball (#S70-7) and spring. https://www.draganfly.co.uk/triumph-shop/twin-cylinder/product/37748-ball-bearing-7-32/category_pathway-2

The ball might not be seating properly!  After removal, squirt out the seat with say WD40 with the red straw attached and or an air line. Install a new ball, in case the original is misshappen, give the new ball a light sharp tap with a thin drift to create a good seat in the ally case. 

Check the oil level in your primary case, as excesive oil in the crankcase will leak through the main beaings into your clutch housing .......and ultimately, onto the floor. Ron




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