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50 cal cradle


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You would have to machine/ mill the left side flat and add 4 bolt holes. Then the mount would be cobbled and very hard to restore. I have a spare late cradle (not for sale) and can provide pictures if asked.

The trays are fairly easy to find. The link provided earlier apparently has both (but they tend to be expensive there). I got my late tray a few years ago for 30 or 40$ US at the Gilbert PA swap meet. Mounts seem to run 100-350 depending on condition and how complete they are.

The pins are avail on ebay. I just got the 9/16" front pin assy #7070292, nos, for 23$+ 2$. If you look around you can find deals on the correct pins.

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I don't know how old this:-


Old style M23 machine gun mount this is the correct type to be used on armored vehicles.  Comes with or without can holder.  Good condition.  US GI surplus.

$525.00 with Can Holder
$475.00 without Can Holder

If the holder is available separately it would be a very good buy.

Contact form here:-





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