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1942 Ford Jeep


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Coke opener, AND a siren, what else do you need?

Watching, and listening, to convoys of restored MV's has become a nightmare for me. Every single, or every two, Jeeps and Dodge WC's (especially WC54 ambulances) all have sirens and their driver doesn't let go of the "on" button for it during the whole convoy. Becomes too much for me, sorry.

Extremely few MV's were equipped with sirens during WW2. Some DID have them, like most of General Patton's vehicles, Dodge Command Cars, M3 White Scout Cars, Halftracks, etc almost all had the twin truck type "Ooooaaaa" horns on one fender (sometimes on the hood), and a siren on the other. 

Some WC54 ambulances MAY have had  sirens when operating in the rear lines, and on airfields, but in the front lines? - Never...

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