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For Sale! 1944 James ML original, not post-war


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For sale. 1944 James ML.

Not a post-war vehicle turned into wartime one, but a genuine wartime bike. Frame number is ML8439, engine number is AAA27776A.


One of the last ones of the last contract, S.7113, Frame numbers from ML7001 to ML8500, at the price of £33.15s. Contact was actually for 3000 bikes, but cancelled after 1500 made. 


I aqcuired the bike in july 2007 in its post war, maroon colour livery, with some post-war, civvy modifications. Turned it back into its original WW2 trim, with the exception of some small items which I will post in a list down below. Took the bike apart, repainted it and put some work into it, and had it back up to as it is in the pictures. I had it MOT’d in Dagenham in July 2010.


I have all the original documentation with the vehicle, previous owners etc, dating back to May 1949, when it was aqcuired from the army by a Motorcycle store somehwere in the UK. I am, as far as I can tell, the 6th or 7th owner since. 


Bike is currently not running, as the throttle cable is broken, but I will fix that prior to delivery or collection. Otherwise the bike runs fine and perfectly.


It has its original 1949 civvy registration.. And its transferable. Its value is estimated at around £1500.


some of the original green paint can still be seen on the handlebars, as in the picture.

The list of items NOT original, but as per original spec (i.e. replica);

-Blackout cover

-Lever on handlebars as to loosen it for folding / transport

-Horn (not functional)

-Webbing WD type handles on handlebars



List of items not present or would need changing in order to bring it back to original condition;


-All the cables. I have fitted cabling to make it functional, but without the fabric cover.

-Copper fuel lines. The fuel line from the tank to the engine needs changing to the proper copper tubing.

-Valve release handle. The valve release is in place, you would just need the little handle and a cable to make it functional. 

-Lighting. The lighting needs fixing and maybe rewiring. It is not working at the moment. 

-Lid on toolbox. The toolbox itsself is 100% original, however somewhere down the line someone must have lost the lid, which is now replaced with a simple cover of a jar.


All of the other items are fully original (not reproductions) as per WWII spec. Handlebars, folding footrests, folding kickstarter, fillercap with release valve etc. Comes with all the spares, tools, (repro) booklets, guides and transfers as in the pictures.

Also note that, yes the rear mudguard is the long “civvy” version, however, there are clues as to the last production having them introduced at some point. One example of an unrestored, fully original WD spec bike in its fully original trim, owned in Holland, with a long mudguard exactly as on this bike. Its framenumber stems from the same contract. (Pic can be provided later).

This bike has given me lots of fun and is (was) a pleasure to drive, and I hope it will bring the same for its new owner.


Price is £4500 ONO


Bike is located in Holland. Could and would deliver to South of UK (Folkestone / Dover area) or arouNd ports of Harwich or Hull for just the ferry / chunnel refund. 


Please don’t hesitate to ask me for additional pics and / or information.


















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