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Signal lamp batteries

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I have a 'Lamp Signalling Daylight Short Range Projector MK11     L.A.M.' - It is a morse key signalling lamp. The instruction plate states that the batteries are 8 'S' cells connected in series - presumeably to give 12 volts - I assume that there must be a single 12 volt battery that would do the job nowadays  - could anyone kindly let me know what I should use? I was thinking that a small 12v motor bike battery might do?

Can anyone let me know what L.A.M. means as shown on the lamp? Thanks.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.


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Hi Guys,

Thanks for your informative replies - appreciated.

The method of replaceing  'S' batteries is certainly worth considering - although I dont think that I will try to make up repro ones!

Yes the lamp is a mkII (2) - should have used the right keys on the keyboard!

I can see that L.A.M is the manufacturer, but who are they? Lucas?

I would still like to know what exactly is  meant by 'short range' - anyone know please?

All the best,


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