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Hi I do not know if I am doing this right as I more hands on than being on the key board.But I am just about to start a rebuild of a 1941 triumph 3hw .As much as I fond out buy the frame numbers it was one of 150 sent to the RAF from augest to September 1941 .If I am all so right the stamp under the seat is  for jan 1941 .I do not have a v5 or number plate? So if some one can help tell me how I can find out more re it time with the RAF. I have strip the tank and found Royal Air Force  Blue  and and on top of that earth brown.As I said  I do not know  if I do win this right but if you find this can you help ANDY BIKe

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Hi and welcome to the forum. I'm just an armchair enthusiast and don't have the pleasure of owning any MVs but there are endless people who will give you all the help you could ask for. My only comment is that you would probably be better putting the thread under the Motorcycle section, as you are more likely to get answers quicker there.

best of luck,


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