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1100 x 20 tyres


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A while ago I bought some modern 1100 x 20 bar treads which I believe are of American manufacture, for a Bedford QL project. A friend has blasted and painted the wheels for me, and took the whole lot to a local tyre dealers (who specialise in commercial, agricultural and plant tyres) for fitting. They were unable to fit them as they will not go on the 20" Sankey rims (too small). I wondered if anyone else has had this problem with this size of tyre, and is there a solution?

My running QL was fitted with similar (if not identical) tyres five or six years ago, and the tyre fitter put them on with no problems.

Would be grateful for any help/advice.


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Had a similar issue fitting 10-50 x 16's for a friends Bedford OY just couldn't get the bead onto the rim the internal diameter of the tyre at the bead appeared smaller than the O/D of the rim. I had heard of trimming the bead with a knife or grinder!!!!! but thought that a little drastic at best and possibly damaging the integrity of the tyre.

The way we achieved the fit without any mod's was to remove all the paint the owner had liberally applied around the inner faces of the wheel discs to reduce friction (having changed a few British wartime wheels and tyres in the past I do not recall the inner discs of the wheel being painted in anything other than occasionally a very thin coat of red primer) remove all scale and debris from the wheel halves and both sides of the gaiter if used. Slip the inner tube into the tyre then the gaiter and slightly very slightly inflates the tube with the valve removed just to settle the tube in the tyre and deflate.

We used a metal stool to support the wheel disc above the ground so the full weight of the tyre is acting on the wheel disc. A-lined the second wheel disc onto the tyre then using three large diameter bolts through from the bottom wheel disc to the top wheel disc tighten the nuts on the bolts a half turn at a time pulling one wheel disc down onto the other while using copious quantities of tyre soap and washing up liquid as a lubricant. Ensuring the gaiter is centred at all times avoiding trapping it in between the disks. As soon as three of more full threads of the outer wheel studs are showing through the wheel disc finger fit the outer ring of wheel nuts and progressively tighten. Remove the three bolts carefully inflate the tyre and fit – if anything this is just a thought

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