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R209 receiver


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Hi Guys,

I have recently obtained an R209 receiver and was wondering if someone could kindly advise me if this is a mk1 or mk2? At present I am unsure because the plate shows just shows R209,by the power socket it shows 6v dc - I think that the mk2 is 12v?


Is it possible to date this unit? The plate shows ZA25433 MW  serial no. 00671.


Does anyone know where I can obtain a power plug and a manual for this unit from please?


Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

All the best,


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Mk1 6v, Mk2 12v, Mk3 I think was 12vdc and 240ac.

If yours is a 6v version get yourself one of the wee DC-DC converters off ebay and set it up to produce 6v output. The set only takes an amp or so, so easily within the spec of these converters. Plenty of room inside to fix it down.



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Hi Guys

Thank you for your replies.

Matchfuzee - That site certainly looks interesting

Gordon - My set is the 6v one which makes it the mk1.I will need a 12v-6v converter so will check them out on ebay.

PT - Thank you for the offer and yes I am interested.It is the 6volt 3 pin triangular socket that I need as shown in my 2nd photo.

Sorry about the photo link - not sure what I did there as I wanted the actual photo to be shown in the post!

All the best,


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