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Larkspur a14hp backpack almost complete station


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Hard to find with these ancills a A14 backpack with all ancills apart from the petrol genny which i have never seen,to include set,2 atu's,mains and battery chargers,mast,headset,handset,key,webbing,spare crystals,hand generator,dipole aerial with feeder,rod aerial's,sigs satchels etc,the set is crystalled up for 3.615 which is the vmars net or can be free tuned,i have more pictures if required and it is for collection from Essex.£750

Larkspur a14 006.JPG

Larkspur a14 007.JPG

Larkspur a14 001.JPG

Larkspur a14 004.JPG

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Nice looking set

I am after the headset and aerial rod set to complete mine. The set is a pig to work, most of  the germanium diodes on mine were duff, I replaced them with silicon ones

Can't rememeber seeing a petrol generator on the CES.


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2 minutes ago, jarrett said:

I will have a look through the paperwork i have on it for the reference to the genny unless i have early paperwork and it never went into production but it was a BCC item.


BCC also made a vehicle mounting kit (which I have) but I don't think that this ever went into production

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Yes BCC was sold to RACAL in the late 1960s - the "Racal" clansman sets and peripherals are really BCC sets and the separate "BCC" part numbers continue to this day with Thales: https://www.thalesgroup.com/en/worldwide/defence/panther  with sets like the BCC67 and BCC69  Panther 

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