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If you don't like your avatar being distorted by the fish-eye lens, this is what I did to correct it, after a lot of messing around.

My Orange William avatar was distorted to an obesity that looked ridiculous & certainly no longer aerodynamic, which is clearly embarrassing.

The first thing to do was add some height above & below the image to make it square.

In PaintShop Pro 9 there is an image distortion menu, choose "Pinch" & squeeze the image to at least 50%.

Go to your Profile settings, although there is no avatar button that is obvious, if you hover over the existing avatar a menu appears so you can upload the new image. Having done so the image has to go into a cropping. So obviously shrink you image to get it all in the frame.

Then load it to go to the fish-eye distortion, this is where you will realise whether you had all the image dead centre!

Well I now have a more aerodynamic Orange William perhaps a little too slender but it will have to do for now.

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