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THE BEDFORD DATABANK was established in 2003 to gather information not only on all existing military Bedfords , but in fact ALL Bedfords form 1931 up until the last badged examples in 1989.


We invite every owner of a Bedford MV to register it on-line at the Bedford World website where you can also find news about the 75th Anniversary celebrations, the new Bedford-World fill colour magazine and much more including a Sales and Wants free marketplace.


Please visit soon.............. http://www.bedford-world.com

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When this database is finished will non Bedford owners be able to view it & contact the owners?


I am thinking OY & MW here. It is just that I know of some that were used by the RUC (Royal Ulster Constabulary) in 1950s. If they were listed according to the military registration I may be able to identify some.

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Hopefully the Bedford Databank will never be "finished" as we hope that new additions will come into the public arena for many years to come, but to answer your question.


Everyone will be able to contact the owners, but not direct as the owners contact information will not be made public .


Contact will be able to be made via the website, you identify who you want to contact and send them a message via an on-line form which they will recieve at thei email address or in the case of those who have not quoted an email address, it will be sent on by regular mail.


I hope this helps


David Griffiths

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