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I am not an expert with radio equipment but this looks wartime ? The markings; MIC HAND MIC ZA 1760S G1

Anyone needs it at £25 inc postage ?


Looks like a bodge to me!


The headphones are similar to the ones used on mine detectors, and the microphone is the late WW2 No.13 from the WS19/22/62 "Mic & Headgear No.10" by the look of things.


Definitely not enough contacts on the jack plug to make it usable!


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Chris, I must defer to your greater knowledge, as I stated I am no expert, but why a bodge up ........


Well... none of the bits match up. :-D


The headphones are from an early mine detector, the microphone (and cabling) is from Microphone & Headgear Assembly No.10, and the jack plug is post 1960s civilian.


My guess is that (in no particular order) the original 5-way "snatch plug" was replaced by a 1/4" stereo jack plug, possibly with the microphone switched (there aren't enough contacts on the plug for headphones, microphones and transmit/receive switching) for amateur radio use, then at some point one of the headphone inserts failed, so the headset was replaced with the "mine detector" version it now has.


Definitely a bit of a 'bitzer'. :-D



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