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wanted deac Sterling SMG

jim fl4

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There were a load of ex police ones released last year I think.

Think they different to military spec ones.



The ONLY difference is spec with Police Carbines is. They have a modified Trigger mech, so they

Are Semi-Auto only. This will NOT affect them as a display item, as now new specs are welded solid.

it is pretty much immaterial!....


Externally, they look the same as a mil Spec weapon. Unless you look at the nomenclature engraved on

The magazine housing. The early ones were marked 'Police Carbine'.


Hope that helps?

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Thank you guys :). Spoke to Dan who said they would ring me when they got some more in, interesting about the police spec one's. Thought it was worth asking here incase someone was thinking of selling their's into the trade :shocked:.





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