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is this a record breaking mileage ferret?

jim fl4

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Had a look today at the speedo of ferret 06 EB 71 and found the mileage was 17,000 odd. I think this has all been accrued whilst in-service. judged my its condition and also that its never been registered. This sounds like big mileage to me but what do the ferret experts think :)?







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The annual permitted mileage in 1970 for a Ferret was:


3,000 in UK except:

5,000 in Armoured Reconnaissance Rgts

3,500 in Armoured Rgts


3,000 in BAOR except:

3,300 in Armoured Car Rgts


4,000 in Near & Middle East


2,000 in Far East except:

6,000 in Malaya

5,000 in Singapore

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It comes from a table in Defence Council Instructions (Army) 40 Part IV Annex issued 18th Feb 1970.


As it happens I had gone through the whole DCI (Army) & DCI (General) for 1970 today, teasing out details. It took a while as the DCI pile for that year is 3 inches thick. It just happened to be in front of me otherwise it would have taken a while :-D

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