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Ferret - Water in Bevel Box


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I was checking the fluids on my Ferret, prior to an event on Saturday, and when I opened the filler on the rear right bevel box, oil started running out. This is unusual, as it normally needs a slight topup. Looking at the oil, I noted that it was a milky yellow colour, rather than the clear yellow with a slight tinge of green that it normally goes in with, and can only summise that it has been contaminated with water.


About 200mL of oil came out the filler and I dumped the rest out of the drain plug and refilled it with fresh oil. I'll dump and refill it again after Saturday's event.


I have been known to hose out my engine bay from time to time, and I suppose that's where the water came from, but does anyone have any ideas how it could have made its way into the bevel box? I understood the running gear to be sealed, but I guess that the rubbers are all pretty old, or is there a breather or something that may be faulty?




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